Start Your Year with a Bright, White Smile

Start Your Year with a Bright, White Smile

If your New Year’s resolutions contain anything related to your aesthetic goals, you should include teeth whitening on the list. A bright smile lights up your face and conveys a healthy sense of self-confidence. And Americans across the board are flocking to this dental treatment in a big way. In 2015, we spent more than $11 billion on teeth-whitening products and treatments. 

At the dental office of Kiran Rapal, DDS, Inc., serving the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. Rapal and her team are pleased to offer the professional-grade Zoom Teeth Whitening System from Phillips for patients who want to remove stains and yellowing from their teeth and make them as white as they can be.

Why do teeth become discolored?

While most people’s teeth come in clean and white, it’s rare that they stay that way. A lifetime of staining foods, drinks, and even medications can cause uneven discoloration or a dingy yellowness that can’t be removed with simple brushing. Some of the main culprits include:

While you can’t do much about medication, you can limit discoloration by dialing back your consumption of staining foods and drinks and avoiding tobacco. And when you do ingest something that causes discoloration, make sure to at least rinse your mouth out afterward to remove as much of it as possible before it does any damage.

What about DIY teeth-whitening kits?

Sure, any pharmacy is bound to have a selection of OTC whitening products, which you can buy in pastes, strips, or gels. Unlike in-office, professional-grade products, though, the OTC varieties have no, or little bleaching agent. That means they can’t get your teeth very white, and they may take much longer to work — sometimes months. In addition, the tray that holds the bleaching solution won’t be a perfect fit for your mouth, so you may experience more tooth and gum sensitivity as a result.

Zoom in-office teeth whitening

If you want a customized fit and quick results, you’re better off getting your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office. The Zoom system, which Dr. Rapal uses exclusively, brightens your teeth up to eight shades in one session.

Zoom is more effective than other systems because it lightens discoloration of both the outer enamel and the inner dentin. Research has shown that, under the proper supervision of a trained dentist like Dr. Rapal, the system is completely safe, though the company doesn’t recommend it for kids under 13 or pregnant/lactating women.

When you come in for your session, the whitening gel is placed on your teeth, and an LED light is used to activate the bleaching agent, which penetrates the enamel. There, it breaks up the pigments that cause stains and allows the natural whiteness of your teeth to show through again.

The office also offers an at-home version of the Zoom system for patients who prefer to do the whitening themselves in the comfort of their homes. The company indicates you can expect up to four shades brighter in just 30 minutes. And you can brighten your teeth even more with additional applications.

Why not start the new year with a bright, white smile you’re proud to show off? Call Kiran Rapal, DDS, Inc. at 408-864-7010 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Rapal, or book online with us today.

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